To digitally connect with the audience through their mobile devices. To focus on style and individuality. To make the South African market aware of the new Opel Adam’s arrival in SA. To showcase the many customisable options that the new Opel Adam has available to the customer. To create emotional connection with consumers.
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OVERVIEW A mobile rich media advert for General Motors new car, the Opel Adam. This mobile ad would appear on the relevant websites, as a standard 320x50 digital banner. However, unlike a standard online banner which clicks straight through to a website, this banner expands over the webpage and allows the user to interact with brand straight from the advert. The ad acts as a combination of a microsite and an interactive in-store brochure. It is also easy for the user to exit the ad and return to the site. DEMO
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South African First This ad unit, was a South African first, using a continuous scrolling feature to mimic a microsite, whilst each page had separate interactive features. It was built using cutting edge HTML5 technology, which allowed us to keep the expanded ad unit under 100kb, allowing it to load quickly, even in low bandwidth regions.
How the ad used mobile to get the Opel Adam into the hands of millenials. The success of this campaign was based on understanding the brand’s target audience and how the message would best be conveyed via mobile. The primary target audience for the Opel Adam was young millenials, between 18-30 years old and in the middle to upper class, looking for a new car. We saw that this audience was constantly on their phone, using it as a source of information as well as entertainment. Thus, we wanted these millenials to engage and interact with the brand, directly from their phones, in a way that was both fun and informative. By targeting relevant verticals such as; lifestyle, entertainment and sport, as well as age, and location, we could ensure the ad only appeared on relevant websites, this Increased the chance of our target market seeing the ad unit. By using mobile advertising, we were able to accurately target the right people for the brand in an environment they were comfortable with. By using rich media, we were able to emulate an in-store brochure that is found in a car dealership, except with all the interactivity of a website.
Time on Ad Unit Global Automotive Benchmark Of 12s
Unit Engagement Rate Global Automotive Benchmark Of 13.4%
Ad Expansion Rate Global Automotive Benchmark Of 0.67%
Impressions Served
Total Number Of People That Saw This Ad Unit Rich Media User-Journey
A MOBILE BANNER AD WITH ALL THE INTERACTIVITY OF A WEBSITE. Mobile Rich Media for Opel Adam Created by Mark1 Labs